“Perfect-Privacy VPN” How to start the free trial!

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Perfect-Privacy Free Trial

Here we will describe the easy steps to activate and use Perfect-Privacy for free.


The Perfect-Privacy VPN Free Trial is unlimited and anonymous. It will end automatically, no further actions are required.

1. Use COUPON to create your VPN account

(The Coupon, which we have sent you by Live-Chat or E-Mail)

  • Please enter you coupon code there
  • Choose your username and
  • Enter your e-mail address
    (Please provide a working e-mail address, as your login data is sent there.)

Enter Coupon here…

2. Your Password is sent to you by E-Mail

  • You will receive your Password by E-Mail.(Please keep in mind that it can need up some minutes until you will receive the E-Mail)
  • Log-In to the Member area by using your Username and your Password.

Enter Member Area

3. Download your VPN-Dialers or Configurations

Please keep in mind that there are several ways to use Perfect-Privacy on your devices. It depends on your needs and wishes, which way you will choose.

INFO: There are definitly no limits on how many device you are able to use, at the same time with Perfect-Privacy VPN.

Device Software & Apps
for Windows Perfect-Privacy for Windows
for Mac OSX Perfect-Privacy for Mac OSX
(Beta Version)
for Android Perfect-Privacy for Android APP
(Beta Version)

All other devices: Configurations and Tutorials

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