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  • Maximum possible Anonymity!
  • Fast VPN Connections, worldwide
  • Perfect Customer Support
  • TOR and Mulit-Hop VPN Routings
  • Free and anonymous trial!


  • Higher Pricing

VyprVPN from Goldenfrog (Switzerland) is a highly reliable and trustworthy VPN-Service. It offers self-developed VPN-Dialer Software and Apps for all devices for free. The VyprVPN-Team is proud to own 100% of the Infrastructure and Servers by themselves. This helps to avoid getting watched from Third-Parties and helps to improve the Speed and Quality of the Service always.

Speed with VyprVPN

The overall Speed of the VPN-connections are really fast. The Service showed no bad results in all our testings. The average speed was over about 95% of the maximum reachable connection results (without VPN) Thats in fact an amazing result. VyprVPN is operating for their Clients more than 800 active servers around the globe. Highly sophistcated server management, guarantees  stable and loss-free connections.

Privacy with VyprVPN

Privacy is the main target of this service. They are operating their 100% owned hardware because thats the only way to avoid getting spied on their users. By using the Chameleon VPN-protocol, the users can trust in the highest grade of encyption and are sure that they can establish connections even behind advanced Firewalls (ex. China`s great Internet wall). Own log-free DNS Server are helping to ensure that all activities form the user will be secure and private, always. Users who are trusting in this service, get serviced under Switzerland juristication, which is one of the most privacy respecting legal-framework.

VyprVPN free VPN-Dialers & Apps

VyprVPN is developing all software InHouse. The results are quite amazing, in functions and usability. The VyprVPN Android App and the VyprVPN Apple iOS Apps from VyprVPN are the best in the VPN-Services industry.

There are many innovative and also well developed VPN-Dialers available:

  • Windows
  • Mac OSX
  • Android
  • Apple iOS
  • Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Phone
  • Own Ubuntu VPN-Server to use with VyprVPN
  • VyprVPN DD-WRT / Tomato Extension
  • and many more.


We can recommend to use VyprVPN for everyone who want to get an innovative, reliable and fast VPN Service. Including a great customer support, this provider is one of the TOP3 VPN Service we have ever tested.

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