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  • A lot of different VPN-locations worldwide
  • Simple and colourful Apps & Software
  • Easy to use


  • Advertisement and company statements are not true!
  • No
  • Cooporation with UK & US Secret Services
  • Hidden logging policy about user actvities
  • To expensive for less value

HideMyAss is a very popular VPN-service. We are testing VPN-Services already  since 2008 and during this ling periode, we have tested HideMyAss a couple of times. Meanwhile the company was sold to some Investors and after this sold to another Company. Actually nothing is the same as it was 5 years before. The Service itself became more professional, in the way how they are doing advertisement, but the quality of Support and Speed is getting worst from year to year. For us, that describes a very sad story about a fantastic idea and a really famous VPN-service. But it seems that the best time for it is already gone.

The fact which is a widely missunderstood in Internet is like a Fake-Mythos today: “HideMyAss ist not a service to become”anonymous” anymore.”

It is practically based in Great Britain and that means that all Customer data needs to be shared with the local Secret-Intelligence-Services.  Who believes that HideMyAss ist a secure Service to protect his own Identity by using the Internet is definitly wrong.

Why we can`t recommend to use HMA for your Privacy!

Of course users are changing their IP-adresses. Maybe even on a regular basis by using the service. But each IP-adress will be linked to the real IP-adress of the users. For the Secret-Services there is not other need to filter out all activity data from a single user out of the world-wide-web. HideMyAss is trying to cover these facts, they are pretending not to log your activities, but they are hiding that the logs of your real IP-adress and your used IP-adresses, is already harming your Privacy!

So, you can hide from getting identified by normal websites, but all your activities will be still recognised by the UK and USA Secret-Services. 

The slow average Speed with HideMyAss VPN


About the usage of a VPN-services it is always a important issue to think about the possible speed by using the Internet. HideMyAss VPN is using rented but dedicated servers from different “hosters” That means that the differences between the connections speeds are huge across the whole network. In our tests we could see that the average speed by using HideMyAss VPN is by maximum 72 percent of the normal level. That means that there is a significant reduction by using the Service.

Weaked Privacy with HideMyAss VPN


The main reason to use a VPN-service might be to protect the own Identity by using the Internet. With HideMyAss VPN users will be unidentified from normal websites. But it is absolutly not true what the advertisment managers are trying to tell you: You can not be “Anonymous” by using HideMyAss VPN. There are some reasons for this.

The first reason is, that the Service is based and registered in UK.

The second reason ist that HideMyAss VPN is using rented servers. That means that the IP-adresses are registered to the “hosters” of the servers directly. In case of any interest from authorities they will catch up contact to the Hosters and based on the local laws these ones will maybe give your logged activities to them.

The third reason ist, that HideMyAss VPN is simply lying about their logging policies. Any service which is using restrictions has the need to log the users activieties accross their networks. The

HideMyAss VPN – “Privax Ltd.”  is registered and based in London, United Kingdom.

The local laws in UK are pushing VPN-Services, Telecom comapnies or all Internet companies to fully cooperate with local authorities and Secret-Services. Under the agreements between UK and USA this datas can be shared by their Secret Services anytime. User have no rights to complain about their private data usage by the Companies, these laws are applicable to all Users especially from foreign countries.

Summary: Users which are using such Services are never “Anonymous” and can be tracked worldwide by UK and US Services.

“Feature-rich” Software is included.


HideMyAss VPN Software is containing a lot of different features. You can choose practically from VPN-locations in about 190 different countries. You can change your used IP-adress automatically after a planned time periode. You can make speed testing before using a new VPN-Server-Location inside the Software and many others.

In general the Software is in “English” and is very colourful. It might be very easy for new users to be able to use it on Windows, Mac OSX, Android or Apple iOS.


Bad Customer Service by automatic answering service.


You can contact the customer service from HideMyAss by sending E-Mail to support@hidemyass.com oder you can fill out a web-form. IN anyway you will get a half automatic answer during a few minutes. If you need to be in contact a Agent that can take uo two 2 days. In our test, we were sending 10 different questions by email. The first answer was always received very quickly, but was in 9 from 10 cases not really the right answer. After another reply it took in average 2 days to solve our questions.

Summary: HideMyAss is trying to answer quickly to impress their clients, but thts just automatic answering services. If you need to get in touch because of a indvidual problem, you will need some days to answer your questions. Thats really bad!

The “always onSale” Pricing-Strategy.


HideMyAss VPN is offering special sales periodes, at this time Customers can save a lot of money. (Ok, just if you really want to buy the service, otherwise it might be wasted money), so 6 times per year the prices are getting reduced. It happen every year at blackfriday until end of january, then in march/april as easter promotion, then in june/july/august as summer promotion and as autum promotion in september/oktober. In the meantime the service is also reduced with up to 50% 🙂 Well. who really believes in such offers anymore? Do they really think that we are that stupid? Ok the pricing which are actually vaild you can see on the website.

On Sale offers from HideMyAss VPN

1 month
$9.99 per month
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited Data transfers
  • 2 connections, concurrent at the same time with a single account possible
  • Software for Mac OSX, Windows, Android and Apple iOS included
  • Pre-Payment plans
6 months
$7.49 per month
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited Data transfers
  • 2 connections, concurrent at the same time with a single account possible
  • Software for Mac OSX, Windows, Android and Apple iOS included
  • Pre-Payment plans
12 months
$4.99 per month
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited Data transfers
  • 2 connections, concurrent at the same time with a single account possible
  • Software for Mac OSX, Windows, Android and Apple iOS included
  • Pre-Payment plans

Our conclusions about HideMyAss VPN

If you are looking for a VPN-service with many available locations to choose from, then HideMyAss might be your best offer. With VPN-Servers and IP-adresses from 190 different countries, HideMyAss VPN is absolutly the biggest Service. But if you are looking to escape from Espionage or surveillance, than it isn`t the right choice. Actually HideMyAss is pretending to guarantee “Anonymity” but it is hiding the legal aspects and that they are logging your activities in anyway. The Server speeds are various and is depending on the local Server-Hoster, where HideMyAss is renting them. Thats a not really stable service because if this and many of our readers were complaining about speed-issues by using the Service. Thats why we can`t recommend this provider!



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